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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tap Handle #234: Blue Point - Spring Fling Copper Ale

I had my eye on Spring Fling for some time, and I finally got one for a great price. It's a nice tap that could use a little more detail, and isn't as "fun" as the double blonde tap, but still gets a positive response when I show it.

Spring Fling Copper Ale is a seasonal Spring beer that strikes a perfect balance between the malty flavor of special German barley and the zesty spice of fresh American hops, and delivers a crisp and refreshing taste with subtle hints of nuts and honey. Weighted average on is 3.01 out of 5.

For more about Blue Point, see this post.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tap Handle #233: Steelback - Copperhead PIlsner

This is a gorgeous tap, with the copper color and the snake wrapped around the handle. It's pretty rare, too. One of my favorites!

Copperhead was a bohemian-style pilsner that was deep Copper-Gold in colour, with a crisp, malty finish. Weighted average on is 2.12 out of 5.

For more about Steelback, see this post.

Tap Handle #232: Miller Lite - Crab with Bottle

This is an amusing tap - sort of Miller's answer to the Budweiser frog tap back in tap post #41. It's pretty rare.

For more about Miller Lite, see this post.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Tap Handle #231: Stone - Arrogant Bastard

The Arrogant Bastard tap is not quite figural, although it does resemble a slab of stone, which corresponds to the name of the brewery.

Stone Brewing was founded in 1996 in San Marcos California, by Steve Wagner and Greg Koch. Stone Pale Ale was the first beer produced and is considered the company's flagship beer, although the second beer produced a year later, Arrogant Bastard, is more recognizable. In 2005 Stone moved to a new, larger facility in Escondido. They opened the adjacent Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens in 2006, and also have their own farm and a company store. Stone has experienced rapid growth at an average of 43% year to year. They distribute to 36 different states, and are the 11th largest brewer in the U.S.

Arrogant Bastard is an aggressive beer. You probably won’t like it. It is quite doubtful that you have the taste or sophistication to appreciate an ale of this quality and depth. Weighted average on is 3.91 out of 5.

Stone Brewing Official Website

Tap Handle #230: Vermont Hard Cider Company - Woodchuck Granny Smith Hard Cider

This is a really cool tap. I had wanted one, but many that I had found were beat up (it gets damaged easily) or were too expensive. I finally obtained one in great shape. The label on it had come off, but I found it and re-attached it. This is a great tap that isn't made anymore - Woodchuck taps now feature a piece of fruit on a log.

Woodchuck Hard Cider was founded in 1990 in Proctorsville, Vermont as a winery that produced a variety of apple wines as well as a hard cider. Vermonters are sometimes called “woodchucks” and so they changed the name of the cider to Woodchuck. The early bottling line consisted of equipment dating back to the 1940’s and broke down frequently. Every label had to be applied by hand and every keg was hand-filled. By 1996 they were selling over half a million cases, and to expand, their operation was moved to Springfield, Vermont, and the new place was dubbed the Green Mountain Cidery. They added several more ciders based on ingredients such as brown sugar, granny smith apples, pears, and raspberries. Facing near bankruptcy in 2003, they were purchased by Green Mountain Beverage, and renamed Vermont Hard Cider Company. In 2012, they relocated the cidery one more time to a $20 million facility in Middlebury, Vermont. In October of 2012,  Irish beverage company C&C Group agreed on Tuesday to buy Vermont Hard Cider Company, for $305 million. (Note: C & C Group also owns Bulmers, Magners, and Gaymers cider companies, and if you remember back to this post, C & C Group also bought Hornsby's in 2011).

Woodchuck Granny Smith Draft Cider is made using 100% Granny Smith apples. This cider has a mouth-watering flavor that is tangy and tart, with just a touch of sweetness. Weighted average on is 2.77 out of 5.

Woodchuck Cider Official Website

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tap Handle #229: Northwest/Trade Route - Joker Amber Ale

This is an incredibly rare tap. It's incredibly detailed and visually creepy - but in an awesome way.

Click through to read more about Northwest Brewing/Trade Route Brewing and their Joker Amber Ale...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tap Handle #228: Alaskan - Pale Ale Kayak

Another addition to the collection from Alaskan. I really like this tap and wanted to obtain it for some time before finally acquiring one.

Alaskan Pale is a blond ale that became the Brewery's second year-round product in 1988. It is a lighter bodied beer with a floral aroma and a crisp, hoppy finish due to dry hopping by hand during the fermentation process. It has won multiple silver medals in the World Beer Cup and the Great American Beer Festival. Recommended food pairings are prawns, crab, halibut, and spicy ethnic food. Weighted average on is 3.24 out of 5.

For more about Alaskan Brewing, see this post.

Tap Handle #227: Alaskan - IPA Surfboard

This is a nice tap. Another version has slightly different looking mountains and doesn't say "Icy Bay" near the bottom. I don't know what the significance of Icy Bay is.

Alaskan IPA has a fruity, citrus-like aroma with a refreshing, crisp finish achieved by dry hopping. Recommended food pairings are grilled prawns and spicy foods. Weighted average on is 3.23 out of 5.

For more about Alaskan Brewing, see this post.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Tap Handle #226: Baron Brewing/Northwest Brewing - Three Skulls Blood Orange Wit

I love this tap! It's very detailed and one of my favorite taps.

Baron Brewing was founded in 2003 in Seattle, Washington, by Mike Baker and Jeff Smiley. They wanted to be Seattle’s first brewery dedicated to producing German beer in accordance with the Reinheitsgebot  purity laws, using all-German ingredients. They took over the former Lunar Brewery in the south Seattle neighborhood of South Park. After 6 years, the German beer strategy wasn’t going so well; in 2009 Baron Brewing established Three Skulls Ales, and at that time launched a line of pirate-themed ales. To showcase their new beers they took over a former Tully’s coffee shop in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle’s north side and turned it into Pillager’s Pub.

In 2011, Baron Brewing announced plans to move to Chehalis, Washington, even obtaining a license for the new location and putting the old brewery up for sale. But the move never happened, and the Three Skulls brand was sold to Northwest Brewing (formerly Trade Route Brewing and Laughing Buddha Brewing).

Blood Orange Wit is a Belgian white with a cloudy orange-gold hue, and its flavor is dominated by a huge blend of different orange zests and hand crushed whole coriander. Weighted average on is 2.75 out of 5.

The Three Skulls site still bears the Baron name but Northwest Brewing's webpage also claims the Three Skulls brand, so the link provided is to Northwest's site.

Northwest Brewing Official Website

Friday, January 18, 2013

Tap Handle #225: Redhook - Sunrye (Hose & Nozzle Version)

Here's another Red Hook tap that's no longer made. The nozzle on my tap is a little different than the typical one, as it's the wide nozzle with spray settings rather than a standard flat nozzle. It replaced the old Sunrye sunburst tap, but has now been replaced itself by a more simple tap.

For more about Sunrye, see this post.

For more about Redhook, see this post.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tap Handle #224: Redhook - Long Hammer IPA

This is a nice tap with a great name. There are two versions, a 7" and an 11". This is the taller version.

Long Hammer IPA takes the traditional IPA brewing process one step further by dry hopping, or adding hops at the end of the brewing process with Cascade hops to give a wonderful hop aroma but not the overpowering hop taste. Long Hammer pairs nicely with grilled meats, seafood, Mexican, Indian, Thai or other spicy ethnic foods. Weighted average on is 2.96 out of 5.

For more about Redhook, see this post.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tap Handle #223: Bayhawk Ales - Blue Hawaiian Hefeweizen

This is as rare a tap as you will ever find, because it was contract brewed for specific restaurants and produced in very few numbers. The label section is held on with magnets and detaches; there is some kind of strange battery compartment behind it. My understanding is that the hula dancer wiggles back in forth when the batteries are in place. So far I haven't been able to get it to work, but I'll keep trying. A great and very unique tap.

Blue Hawaiian was originally contract brewed for restaurants like Yard House in Orange County, California by Bayhawk Brewing. However, Bayhawk has stopped using the Blue Hawaiian name and simply calls the brew Bayhawk Hefeweizen. Here is some background on Bayhawk:

Bayhawk Brewing was founded in 1994 in Irvine, California, by James W. Bernau, president of an Oregon winery and a former lobbyist in that state. To secure more capital, he took the company public in 1995. Bernau's strategy created a stir in the microbrewing industry, where most brewers consider themselves craftsmen whose goal is to create fine beers and ales. Critics said Bernau seemed intent on making money by selling the glamour of a trendy business. But Bayhawk found a niche in brewing house beers for many fine restaurants and taverns throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington, and now has over 1000 investors, becoming orange County's oldest and largest brewery. They produce seven permanent styles with seasonal offerings, with a 10,000 barrel per year capacity, as well as a bottling line for three of their products (Imperial Brown Ale, Chocolate Porter and California Pale Ale). Bayhawk does not have a tasting room and is not open to the public.

Bayhawk Hefeweizen is a German hefeweizen with a golden orange color and cloudy body, and is thick with sweet, malty flavor and has hints of citrus, lemon, banana, and herbal spiciness. Weighted average on is 2.58 out of 5.

Bayhawk Ales Official Website