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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Update 11-29-16

I know you are looking for new content (and a new tap contest) but it will be a few more days. My new employee will start on Monday, which will relieve some of my work issues. I have also been focused on working on the Barcade (pellet stove & flooring install) and getting the Collectors Club off of the ground, which is starting to round into shape nicely with 14 members so far.

I should have a new post and contest starting up by this weekend at the latest...

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Tap Handle #638: Local Option Bierwerker

Tap size:  10.75"
Rarity:  readily available
Mounting:  internal 3/8" nut

Considering that Local Option's owner, Tony Russomanno, carries a pocketknife around with him, in that context the design choice for this tap makes perfect sense. Featuring a fully extended switchblade, possibly the coolest feature on the tap is the brewery's logo, sculpted as a three-dimensional medallion, with a profile of a skull sporting a mohawk made from the building skyline of downtown Chicago. The lighting may look a bit off in these photos...I relocated my photo area to the barcade, but I am still working on a good lighting scheme. Although the tap seems small, it is deceptively normal-sized at nearly 11" tall. It is easy to find and is very affordable.

Click through to read more about Local Option Bierwerker, their Dampf Loc all-barley ale, and to see more photos of this cutting edge tap...

Monday, November 14, 2016

Update 11-14-16

It looks like things are slowly getting back to normal. The past 3 weeks have been the worst I have ever had at work, which included the passing of my co-worker and friend that I had previously mentioned as having been diagnosed with cancer. This event makes me even more dedicated to the Museum, because for all intents and purposes, it may become my legacy. When I was younger I wanted to write a successful novel because I wanted to remembered for something after I was gone. I think the Museum has, to a degree, fulfilled that desire.

Also, the Collectors Club is now set up and initial interest has been better than I expected. I'm hoping that activity within the club will pick up in time as people get more comfortable with it.

Look for a new tap profile within the next day or two. Profiles should pick up soon because I have signed on an assistant to help me write them. And look for a new tap handle giveaway within the next few days as well.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Museum Turns 5 Years Old, Part 5: Collectors Club

In the final installment of this year's anniversary post, I'm pleased to announce the formation of the Amazing Tap Handles Collectors Club (ATHCC). The ATHCC is small association of tap handle collectors, where members can choose to share contact information with each other for the purpose of buying, selling and trading tap handles. You will also be able to see member feedback/trade ratings. Other requirements and benefits to joining the club will be presented to club members during sign up.

If you are interested in joining the club, use the Contact Me gadget over in the sidebar, or email me if we have had previous contact.

Friday, November 4, 2016

The Museum Turns 5 Years Old, Part 4: Profile Previews

Instead of doing a "Cream of the Crop" post this year, which has become an exercise in futility with the number of taps I have, instead I'm going to preview 10 taps that will be profiled over the next year. These taps are all scarce, and I'm looking forward to profile them here on the site. Unfortunately I could not locate all of them in a timely matter...although I wanted to photograph them all, I also wanted to get this post finished. As a result, with the brief discussion of each tap, I've attached the few photos I did take, just to wet your appetite.

So click through to see the 10 taps, in no particular order, that I'm most looking forward to profiling over the coming year: