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Friday, September 26, 2014

Tap Handle #430: Steamworks (Canada) - Pilsner

Tap size:  11.75"
Rarity:  Very Rare
Mounting:  internal 3/8" nut

I've stated it before, but for those new to the site, it bears repeating - steampunk taps are probably my favorite tap theme. I love seeing new steampunk taps spring into existence. This one is gorgeous, with all kinds of gears and buttons and a large tank with a copper dome on the top of the handle. The labels get into the act too. Coated with vinyl, they are thick and durable, and the 6 different labels I have feature various steampunk themes. I attached my 2 favorites, with one on each side of the tap (but I'm only going to profile the Pilsner). A smaller label can be seen on each side, with a scene featuring some kind of steam clocktower contraption...this scene appears all over their packaging and website. The overall impression of the tap is amazing; photos just don't do it justice. Like many other very rare taps, it commands a high price. Friend of the blog Denis helped lead me to this beauty..much obliged Denis!

Click through to read more about the Steamworks (Canada) Brewery, their Pilsner beer, and to see more photos of this incredible tap...

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tap Handle #429: Catawba Island

Tap Size:  11.75"
Rarity:  Very Rare
Mounting:  internal 3/8" nut

As I've stated in the past, I love nautical-themed taps, and this one fits in perfectly with my others. It features a seagull perched upon a pier, with rope wrapped around the pier and an anchor that is coming through the signage. The sign features the name of the brewery, as well as a nautical symbol on the side. The front and back of the tap are virtually identical to each other, as are the sides to each other. There is a metal strip on each side of pier that allows a magnetic label to be attached, since the tap is used for all varieties of beer. This is another rare and expensive tap, I've only ever seen one other.

Click through to read more about Catawba Island Brewery and to see more photos of this iconic tap...

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Help Me Choose a Label for the Ironfire Tap Handle

Update 9/13/14:

Results are in and the winner is Devil Within Double IPA. Look for a post featuring the Ironfire tap and the brewery's Devil within Double IPA coming soon...


One of my upcoming tap handle profiles is going to be from the Ironfire Brewery. It's an awesome tap, and through a variety of sources I have obtained several labels for it. All the labels are amazing, and I'm having a tough time deciding which label will forever be the one that is seen on this blog in the photos I'll be taking.

I've decided to create a poll (my first one!) to let you help me decide which label I will use. The poll will be over in the right sidebar and will let you choose only one entry. So which one is your favorite? The contenders are as follows:

6 Killer Stout

Devil Within Double IPA

Gunslinger Gold

Vicious Disposition Imperial Porter

51/50 IPA

Vote for your choice in the sidebar, the label with the most votes wins! Keep in mind that whichever label wins, that is the beer that will be profiled in the Ironfire post. The poll will close in about 3 days...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tap Handle #428: Dick's - 12 Man Pale Ale

Tap size:  9.75"
Rarity:  Very Rare
Mounting:  internal 3/8" nut

Growing up in Portland, Oregon in the 1980s, and not having an NFL team in the city, the area would receive regional games on the major networks (no cable existed back then). With the AFC televised on NBC and the NFC televised on CBS, I watched a lot of Seattle Seahawk and San Francisco 49ers games, and the two franchises became my favorite teams. There was no better treat than watching greats like Joe Montana, Dwight Clark, Roger Craig, Steve Young, and Jerry Rice destroy the opposition every week and go on to win Superbowls. Though Seattle did not make it to the Superbowl during that time, watching Jim Zorn, Curt Warner and Steve Largent play football for the Seahawks was a bonus. Imagine my horror when Seattle was moved from the AFC to the two favorite teams in the same division!

I was happy for the Seahawk team and fans (who are collectively known the "12th Man") when the team crushed the Broncos earlier this year in the Superbowl, making this tap even more special. It is a arm bearing the image of a giant foam finger, with a 12 man tattoo on the arm and the signature of Norm Johnson, a kicker for Seattle that played from 1982 to 1990. The tap was designed by Johnson's 12 Brands company and Great Artisan Beverage Distribution, and it is very rare and expensive - I've only ever seen one other.

Click through to read more about Dick's Brewing, their 12 Man Pale Ale, and to see more photos of this winning tap...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tap Handle #427: Aztec - Chipotle Ale

Tap size:  10.5"
Rarity:  Very Rare
Mounting:  standard 3/8" ferrule on 5/16" anchor bolt

As a history buff (as if you couldn't tell from all these posts about brewery history), I really wanted this tap that pays homage to a lost civilization, and was thrilled when it arrived in my hands at last. The amount of detail is fantastic, with sculpted Aztec symbols, a sundial, and a stone Aztec that is holding a beer in one hand and giving a thumbs up with the other hand. Although it's not as colorful as some other taps, that doesn't lessen its attractiveness one bit - it actually makes it more unique and desirable, and really does achieve the look of carved stone. Besides, the label has plenty of color and is quite beautiful. This tap is very rare and commands a high price in the secondary market.

Click through to read more about Aztec Brewing Company, their Chipotle IPA, and to see more photos of this classic tap...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tap Handle #426: Lickinghole Creek

Tap size:  12"
Rarity:  Very Rare
Mounting:  internal 3/8" nut

The Lickinghole Creek tap is a real beauty, with the logo prominently featured on a "shield" that resembles a pump clip. The brewery’s logo, a heart and cross, is essentially an adaptation of the merchant’s mark utilized by the East India Company, with the cross designating travel and the heart a symbol for Richmond. The brewery initials LCCB can be found within the heart. On top of the tap is a cardinal, Virginia’s state bird, and down lower you'll find hops as well as dogwood flowers, the Virginia state flower. There is a small flat space under the logo where a sticker of the beer variety is attached. The detail is excellent and the colors are bright and beautiful. The tap is pretty rare, I've only ever seen one other besides mine. Friend of the blog Steve helped me obtain it, so a big thank you to Steve for his contribution to the museum!

Click through to read more about Lickinghole Creek and their beers, and to see more photos of this beautiful tap...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tap Handle #425: Ohana

Tap size:  10"
Rarity:  Very Rare
Mounting:  internal 3/8" nut

I've got several taps in the collection with a tiki theme, but this might be the best. Featuring a large, grinning tiki wearing a necklace of hops and dark sunglasses, it is both brilliant and simple, and is easily recognizable as Ohana's brand. As a brewery, that's what you want from a tap handle: to make it easily distinguishable from all other brands at the tap. There is no label - it is used for all of their varieties. For a time they were attainable, although the price was very expensive. Lately it seems the supply has dried up and they are very hard to find.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tap Handle #424: Weston - Leapin' Leprechaun Ale

Tap size:  7.75"
Rarity:  Very Rare
Mounting:  standard 3/8" ferrule on 5/16" anchor bolt

This little tap is small but packs a lot of character into that short size. Like the previous Weston entry, Drop Kick Ale, Leapin' Leprechaun was also designed by artist David Allen Terrill and can be found in his website's gallery. The colors and sculpting are bold and bright. If I have one complaint about the tap, it's that it feels like it doesn't have a finish painted on it. This causes the paint to rub off easily, especially on corners and edges, some of which you can see in my photos - this was a brand new tap, but sustained a little paint rub damage during shipping. This tap is very rare - mine is only the 3rd or 4th I've ever seen.

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