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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Tap Giveaway #11 Results - UPDATE

Jeff has claimed his prize, so the is contest is officially over.


I'd like to thank each of the 16 people who entered this month's giveaway contest. The winner of the contest, chosen at random, is:

Jeff H.

Jeff has 48 hours to respond or the prize will go to someone else. If you've been trying to win a tap, don't give took Jeff 8 contests to finally win, so sometimes you just have to be patient and persistent. I will be giving away another great tap in May, so make sure you check back for the chance to win a free tap!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tap Giveaway #11 Announcement and Details

Let's giveaway a tap before April is over! This will be the 11th contest that the Museum has sponsored. Previous tap contest entries and winners were:

#1 - East Coast Taps nautical theme - won by Denis G. (out of 3 entries received for trivia contest)
#2 - Florida Keys mermaid - won by Sean W. (out of 6 entries received)
#3 - Big Dawg - won by Charlie W (out of 4 entries received)
#4 - Beer Army - won by Ariel N (out of 15 entries received)
#5 - Beer Army #2 - won by Larry C (out of 14 entries received)
#6 - Red Hook Seedy Blonde - won by Bill S. (out of 13 entries received)
#7 - Leinenkugal IPL - won by John P (out of 12 entries received)
#8 - Shiner Smokehaus - won by Graham B. (out of 12 entries received)
#9 - Haacht Rince Cochon - won by Blair B. (out of 15 entries received)
#10 - Hobgoblin (new style) x 2 - won by Patrick M. and Doug K. (out of 22 entries received)

For this contest I'm giving away another tap that I have never profiled: the Celt Thirsty Warrior Cider tap handle. This is an awesome tap that is probably the second most valuable tap that I have given away (based on secondary market value) and is an import. The tap is new and unused in its original box. Past winners are not eligible to participate in this contest (except for Charlie W.).

To enter the contest, you only need to submit your name through the "Contact Me" feature in the sidebar, or email me if we've been in contact previously. I will choose one winner at random on Sunday, April 30, so you have until Saturday, April 29th, 11:59 pm PST to enter. Once I announce the winner they will have 48 hours to respond to my email or I will choose a new winner. Good luck!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tap Handle #646: Flying Mouse (new style)

Tap size:  11"
Rarity:  less than 10 seen
Mounting:  3/8" ferrule on 5/16" anchor bolt

As fantastic as the original tap from Flying Mouse Brewery was, this new tap exceeds it in every way. A full-figured Bartleby Hopsworth, sporting a Rocketeer-style jet pack, is kneeling on top of a large furnace. His hands are holding on to a sign that allows a label to be attached to indicate the beer variety. Gears, struts, rivets, copper bands, valves, and pipes, along with the jet pack, give the tap a very strong steampunk influence. Decals on the back enhance the tap by simulating flames in the furnace, and pressure gauges decals enhance the steampunk feel. The Flying Mouse brewery symbol appears on the front, while the brewery's abbreviated name, "Flymo:b", is sculpted into the door of the furnace. To the right you will see a label sheet that came with the tap, which includes a wide variety of beers to label the tap with. Since the original tap reflected Bartleby's backstory as a mouse who invented wings so he could fly, this tap suggests that Bartleby took his desire to fly to the next level by replacing his wings with a jet pack. The amount of detail and the Steampunk theme make this a top tap in the collection. A couple of these have hit the secondary market at outrageous prices, but otherwise they are pretty scarce.

For more about Flying Mouse, see this post.

Click through to see more photos of this astounding tap...

Friday, April 7, 2017

Tap Handle #645: Monterey Bay Brewing - Mad Otter Pale Ale

Tap size:  10.25"
Rarity:  less than 10 seen, hand-made
Mounting:  3/8" large ferrule on 5/16" anchor bolt

This tap comes with a great story. I've shared the long version with my Collectors Club members, but I'm going to give you the short version here.

Every year my dad spends a couple of months in Palm Springs, and on the return trip home he stops to see me for my birthday, usually bearing a tap I've never seen before as a present. Last year it was the Figueroa Mountain 101 and the year before that it was the La Quinta (and before that it was the Vancouver Island Killer Whale). This year he couldn't find anything for me, and he asked me if there was a brewery along the way that might have a tap I'd want. It took me a few minutes of thinking before I asked him if his trip was going through Monterey, which it was. I asked him to stop at the Monterey Bay Brewing Company to see if he could pick me up a Mad Otter tap. When he arrived in Monterey he called the brewery, but got an answering machine. After following some leads, he was able to get in contact to one of the owners, Mark Fitch. My dad explained to Mark about my museum and the blog and how he wanted to get me the tap for my birthday. Mark was very adamant that the brewery did not sell their taps. In fact, only 2 taps, both damaged, had ever got away from their control. It takes a long time to get them because they are hand made and painted by one guy in the U.S. Disappointed, my dad left his contact information and my blog address in case Mark decided to change his mind.

As my dad was almost out of town, he got a phone call back from Mark, telling my dad he had looked at my site and was wondering if my dad was still in town. My dad said yes, so Mark agreed to meet him at a nearby mall. When they met, they hit it off right away, and Mark sold my dad a tap handle. When my dad presented me with the tap and the accompanying story on my birthday, I was stunned. I never imagined he would be able to get me one of these Mad Otter Ale taps. It features a blue otter in a top hat that's right out of Alice in Wonderland. The otter's eyes and partial grin look a little crazy. He holds on to the front of his jacket with white gloved hands. Although the brewery's name does not appear on the tap, a yellow label with black letters bearing the name of the beer is prominent at the bottom. The round base is a newer re-design of the tap; an older version has a blocky base that has the beer name and the brewery name on the label. Another difference is that the older version has a blue hatband while this newer version is white. Since these taps are hand-made in small numbers and the brewery keeps tight control over them, this is one of the scarcest taps you will see here on the site.

Click through to read more about Monterey Bay Brewing, their Mad Otter Ale, and to see more photos of this insanely awesome tap...