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Friday, March 9, 2012

Tap Handle #108: Belfast Bay Lobster Ale

This is a fantastic tap, and one of the most popular on the site based on the number of page hits. It has a thick, hard feel to it - almost like a real shell. It could use some highlighting and a matte finish to make it look more real, but there's no denying that it's a great tap just the way it is.

Belfast Bay Brewing was founded in Belfast, Maine in 1996 by Pat Mullen. He opened a brewery and brewpub and brewed 11 different beers, bottling them by hand. He got tired of the bottling and struck a deal with Miller, who partially owned Shipyard Brewing, to have the beers bottled in Portland. Soon the brewing operation moved to Portland as well. Eventually the Belfast brewery and brewpub were closed, and Mullen went into distribution of the beer he had once made.

Lobster Ale is an amber ale with a big, fruity nose and an apple-pear character. Weighted average on is 2.98 out of 5.

Belfast Bay Official Website

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