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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tap Handle #249: Miller - Lite Lighthouse

I love lighthouses, so I decided to obtain this tap. There are two versions, a lighted and an unlighted. I believe that if the tap has two screws on the underside of the gold ferrule on the bottom, the tap is the lighted version. There's an LED in the top, and you have to unscrew the two screws in the base to access the battery compartment, which takes two batteries (I think they were AA batteries). Unfortunately there's no off switch, so once you put the batteries in and screw the base back on, when the light comes on it stays lit and you can't shut it off. I plan on modifying mine to add a switch. Although many of these were made, they've long been out of production, and many have been damaged over the years. The finish is also prone to yellowing.

For more about Miller, see this post.

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