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Monday, April 8, 2013

Updates and a New Toy

First I just wanted to mention that I have updated a couple of posts:

The Tommyknocker Jackwhacker post, found here, has an updated photo to show my new tap that has replaced the old.

The Genesee Dundee Pale Bock post, found here, has been updated to include the other plate sets I have acquired to go with the tap.

As many of you know, a little over a year ago I was thrilled to pick up the Dogfish Head Steampunk Tap Handle, which at the time was #1 on my wishlist of taps, and which I featured here. My latest acquisition is related to this tap.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: The Dogfish Head Steampunk Clock...

This rare beauty (there are fewer of these than the taps) was picked up cheap. It does need a little work - the left gear is supposed to turn and the right needle is supposed to spin, but neither do. There's also a section of LEDs not functioning on the right side. But these are all minor issues that I can easily repair/replace. I now have a clock to match my tap!

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