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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tap Handle #350: Jim 'N Nick's - Reverend Mudbone's Homegrown Hopshine

Tap size:  10.5"
Rarity:  Scarce
Mounting:  internal 3/8" nut

For post #350, and Christmas Day, here's a special tap and one of my new favorites: Reverend Mudbone. The detail on this tap is amazing, from sculpted hairs on the paw that is holding the tray, to the classic antique-looking label that reminds you of 19th century snake oil libations. I love this tap! As I mentioned in post #248 (Red Brick Laughing Skull), Red Brick was formerly Atlanta Brewing, and Reverend Mudbone was a beer they contract brewed for the Jim 'N Nick's restaurant chain. The tap is very rare and hard to come by...from my understanding, this beer has been retired and is no longer made.

Click through to read more about Jim 'N Nick's Restaurants, their Reverend Mudbone Homegrown Hopshine, and to see more photos of this wondrous tap...

Jim 'N Nicks was founded in 1985 in Birmingham, Alabama by Nick Pihakis and his father, Jim Pihakis (who were later joined by Nick’s brother, also named Jim). The restaurant originally focused on slow-smoked pork shoulder barbecue, but expanded by adding items like salad, prime rib, catfish and non-barbecue sandwiches to the menu. Anticipating the need to manage inventory and add investment, the Pihakises partnered with Wendy’s franchisees John Michael Bodnar and Wayne Lewis in 1992 to form Fresh Hospitality. Jim ‘N Nick’s opened a new location every 18 months or so until 2007, when six restaurants opened in a single year. When the economy went south, they stopped expanding until 2012, when they opened three locations and logged their best year on record.

Jim 'N Nick's currently consists of 30 restaurants in 7 states. All their food is made from scratch (they have no freezers). Local owners are taught the recipes and techniques, which they then pass on to the cooks and pitmasters in each location. They've been nominated several times by the James Beard Foundation as outstanding restaurateurs for their commitment to made-from-scratch Southern food and their contributions to the local communities around their restaurants.

Reverend Mudbone's Homegrown Hopshine was an American style Golden Ale, distinguishing itself from the rest of the litter with a well balanced flavor, smooth body, and crisp finish. It was made from all-natural ingredients, crystal hops, and three distinct types of malted barley. Weighted average on is 2.87 out of 5.

Source Material
Nick 'N Jim's website

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