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Monday, January 13, 2014

New Backdrop Completed

My buddy Kelly & I have completed work on the new backdrop - I have to admit that Kelly, great artist that he is, did almost all of the work, while I get to reap the benefits. It will feature the tap mounted to a routed board, with a curtained panel behind it. The backdrop turned out great, I think you are all going to like the new look. Today I'm going to obtain some better lighting - other lighting that I tried to use made everything look too yellow. Sunlight would be the best option, but here in rainy Washington that's rarely feasible, so I'm going to try a halogen work lamp. these days it's hard to find a brick-and-mortar camera store where I can go to sample lighting effects...

The photo resolution of tap images will change from 1024 x 768 (.8 megapixels) to over 1800 x 1200 (about 2.3 megapixels). Going any higher than that will take too much time to process and use up too much of my IPS's monthly upload limit. I'm also switching from my iPhone camera to a Canon digital camera, so expect to see much sharper and more colorful images. It will take some time to re-shoot all the previous entries, edit photos, and post them.

You may have noticed last week that I started setting up some posts with a break, so a post will now show a photo and brief description of the tap, followed by the words "Read more >>". When you click on the "Read more >>", it will take you to the rest of the entry, which will include more photos of the tap (from the sides and back, plus possibly zooming in for detail), and brewery history, beer descriptions, and brewery webpage links. This will also help me track pageviews of individual taps more accurately.

Posts will also now include tap size (in inches), as well as a rarity scale.

Look for a new post as soon as Tuesday. I hope you'll like my efforts to make this the best tap site in the world!

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