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Monday, June 2, 2014

New Links Added

I've added a couple more links in the sidebar. These blogs share a common theme: they focus on the local beer scene in Portland. But they are more than that, too.

Beervana has been around since dirt (or 2006, if you must put a number on it). It is written by Jeff Alworth, a Portland writer who has written the Beer Tasting Toolkit and is working on two books, one about beer and one about hard cider. Beervana provides insightful commentary about the beer industry, covers numerous festivals and tastings, and has traveled to Europe for research. His blog also has a strong hard cider presence, which I find very appealing. Even if you don't live in Portland, Jeff's posts are entertaining and informative.

Beervana Buzz is written by Pete Dunlop. Pete starting blogging in 2011, about 6 months before I did. He is also the author of Portland Beer: Crafting the Road to Beervana, which is on my short list of books to acquire, as he delves deeply into Portland's brewing history (and as you know if you follow this site, I love brewing history). Pete often tackles craft brewers vs. macros issues, covers beer festivals and tastings, and what he observes around town and out of town (in far away places like Kauai). As is true of Jeff's blog, you don't have to be from Portland to enjoy Pete's writing. I highly encourage you to check out both blogs...

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