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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Museum Turns 3 Years Old, Part 2: Individual Tap Statistics

I thought I'd add something new this year: statistics on individual tap handles. Basically I'm allowing you to see what I see: which taps generate the most page views on the site. It's not a ranking of the "best" taps, it only indicates which taps/profiles are the most popular among readers...I'm sure the reasons are many and varied. I've divided the rankings based on the year that I profiled the tap, so I've listed the 20 taps for the most views for Year 1, then Year 2, and finally Year 3. It's possible that next year these might look different, especially for Year 3 where some of the newer taps profiled haven't been up long enough to generate the hits needed to make the list, so over time that would change. The first tap on the list has the most views, and the other taps follow in descending order. Click through to see the lists...

 Blog Year 1: 20 taps with the most page views
  1. Angry Orchard
  2. Dogfish Head Steampunk
  3. Goose Island Honker's Ale
  4. Dark Horse Shotgun
  5. Shock Top Belgian White
  6. Coors Light Beer Wolf with baseball cap
  7. Mickey's Green Hornet
  8. Wychwood Hobgoblin
  9. Black Sheep Monty Python
  10. Abita Andygator
  11. Budweiser Frog
  12. Lost Coast Great White
  13. Anheiser-Busch Faust
  14. Jester King
  15. Saranac canoe
  16. Bud Light tiki with surfboard
  17. Lucette Easy Rider
  18. Dragonmead
  19. Big Sky Moose Drool
  20. Sea Dog Blueberry Ale

Blog Year 2: 20 taps with the most page views
  1. Pabst Pink Elephants
  2. Sapporo Katana Samurai sword
  3. Sweetwater Blue
  4. Blanche du Bruxelles
  5. NOLA Mechahopzilla
  6. Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat telephone
  7. Newcastle Werewolf
  8. Fireman's Brew
  9. Railway City Dead Elephant
  10. Coronado Hotel del Coronado
  11. Lead Feather Hodag
  12. Genessee Cream Ale glass on pedestal
  13. Iron Fist Renegade Blonde
  14. Rainier nature scene
  15. 3 Sheeps
  16. Sierra Blanca Alien amber alien head
  17. Red Brick Laughing Skull
  18. Ayinger Celebrator
  19. Samuel Adams Octoberfest copper ribbon
  20. Diamond Bear Southern Blonde

Blog Year 3: 20 taps with the most page views
  1. Ommegang Take the Black Stout
  2. Cisco Grey Lady
  3. Strangeways
  4. Mad & Noisy Hops & Bolts
  5. Dogfish Head Uber Shark
  6. Lone Star guitar
  7. Falstaff saddle
  8. Dogfish Head Namaste
  9. Central City Red Betty IPA
  10. Wild Onion Paddy Pale
  11. Olde Frothingslosh
  12. Six Rivers Raspberry Lambic
  13. Curious Traveler
  14. Aztec
  15. Labatt Candian Ale hatchet
  16. Natural Light lighthouse
  17. Redhook Out of Your Gourd knife
  18. Johnny Mash
  19. Natty Greene's
  20. Heavy Seas Loose Cannon

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