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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tap Handle #474: Tampa Bay Brewing - Midnight Crossing Black IPA

Tap Size:  10.25"
Rarity:  Very Rare
Mounting:  standard 3/8" ferrule on 5/16" anchor bolt

Like the One Night Stand tap profiled in my previous post, Midnight Crossing is a very different-looking tap from the rest of TBBC's lineup. This one is a beauty, featuring an airplane flying through a lightning storm, with angry blue and black clouds behind the plane. Note how the lightning graphics are not only in the scene with the plane, but also continue down the black shaft of the tap. The plane, which looks like a Cessna, is done in a bas relief style. The TBBC logo is at the top of the tap, and all of the lettering found on the tap is raised. The "Midnight Crossing" lettering has a white to blue color fade from top to bottom. The front and back of the tap are identical to each other, as are the two sides to each other. One very peculiar feature involves a triangular inset around the letters "IPA". It looks like the shaft and top of the tap were two different pieces, and the shaft was routed to allow the top part to fit. There's a small red triangle near the base of this inset, and a slightly recessed purple ring around the base. The tap manufacturer would probably have a great story to tell about the design and assembly of the tap. It is currently the hardest to find of all the TBBC taps.

For more about Tampa Bay Brewing, see this post.

Click through to read more about TBBC's Midnight Crossing Black IPA and to see more photos of the tap...

Midnight Crossing Black IPA is an American Style India Black Ale. Dark brown/black in color, the beer is medium bodied, with intense hoppiness in both flavor and the 100 IBU of bitterness along with a nice hop aroma. The hops are balanced by solid maltiness and a small addition of dark debittered malt. The origin of the name comes from head brewer and co-owner David Doble's part-time job: working for Wings of Eagles International Aircraft Delivery as a Ferry Pilot. They routinely fly small airplanes, usually single-engine/single pilot, to destinations all over the world, with the majority going to Africa. The transatlantic portion of the trip is routinely performed during the night due to time considerations. During these 10 to 12 hour nighttime crossings of the North Atlantic, David pictured an incredibly hoppy, black beer weighing in around 7% capturing the moment. The particular flight when he conceived of the beer happened at midnight, with David about 600 miles from the nearest land. There was a full moon, incredible night sky, and two active thunderstorms giving off an incredible light show. It is not currently listed on their website, but it is listed on

This brew goes hand in hand with a TV docu-series that was called Plane Xtreme on the Weather Channel, that featured TBBC Head Brewer David Doble (along the rest of the Wings of Eagles pilot group) as they traversed the world in their small aircraft, delivering cargo and handing out craft beer.

Ratebeer weighted average:  3.34 out of 5
Beer Advocate:  79 out of 100 (okay)

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