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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tap Handle #535: Adroit Theory

Tap size: 10.5"
Rarity:  Scarce
Mounting:  black 3/8" ferrule on 5/16" anchor bolt

Produced in 2013, this wicked-looking tap handle comes to me courtesy of blog reader Jeff. There are skulls everywhere on the tap, which ties into the heavy metal music theme that the brewery plays in its tasting room. The large skull on the front bears a strong resemblance to the symbol used for the comic book character The Punisher. There are pieces of wood glued to the front and back, encircled by a wide band at the bottom that has a decal with the name of the brewery in a Gothic style font. Speaking of Gothic, I have seen the symbol on the back before, but I cannot recall where. It is similar to the Cross of Lorraine, although that particular cross has a small crossbar at the top and a larger crossbar below the smaller one. Up each side of the tap are small skulls, and at the very top is a white star on top of a half-buried triangle. The sheer amount of detail on the tap is incredible, and I haven't even mentioned the black ferrule. Since the brewery makes small batches of many different beers, the tap does not signify any single beer variety and is used instead for all of their varieties (I'll profile one of their more well known beers). Since I have never seen another, I'm calling this tap scarce.

Click through to read more about Adroit Theory and to see more photos of this imposing tap...

Adroit Theory Brewing was founded in Purcellville, Virginia in 2013 by Mark Osborne. Osbourne had a successful house painting business for several years and was looking to expand his interests. A big fan of craft beer, he decided in 2011 to create his own nano-brewery, with a focus on brewing small batches of interesting beers. He wanted to use the vineyard model of hosting tastings and selling directly to people at his tap room, as well as having a beer club membership with exclusive events and early access to his latest brews. He decided to name the brewery Adroit Theory. His wife Nina found the word "adroit" in a thesaurus, which means being clever or skillful with your hands. The "theory" portion tied in with making a lot of concept beers, designed to be thought-provoking due to the unique ingredients or the way in which they were brewed. 

They started out making test batches and contracted with Beltway Brewery to brew some of their beers. In 2013 they officially opened their own tasting room in Purcellville, Virginia, near Corcoran Brewery and Mad Horse Brewpub. The tasting room offers heavy metal music, an industrial feel, and growlette (half size growler) fills. Adroit Theory is different than other breweries in that they don't have a flagship beer; instead, they try to make the most interesting beers that they can, sell them right away, and then go on to the next one. Just 10 months after opening, the brewery had already made more than 140 distinct beers. Rather than brew standard fares, Osbourne wants to create beers that distinguish his brewery from others. Adroit Theory’s beers are sold exclusively at the tasting room in Purcellville or through the Black Heart Society, its private membership club that ships anywhere in Virginia. Nina started a distribution company that circulates beers to local liquor stores and restaurants in Loudoun County.

Black As Your Soul (B/A/Y/S) is a Russian Imperial Stout featuring a full-roasted body that provides food for dark contemplation. Very little light penetrates the shadowy brew, which is topped by a thin, dark-brown head and has an aroma of roasted sugar and caramel. A sharp undercurrent of tropical hops follows. Hiding behind the toasted tones lurk intriguing wisps of complex flavors: aged woods, fresh fruits, earthy nuts. Rich roasted grains play well against the hoppiness, with an undertone of baker’s chocolate. Chestnut wood and hazelnuts round out the experience with a distinct earthy nuttiness, a malty thickness, and an aggressive bitterness that coats the tongue. Recommended food pairings are coffee-cocoa crusted Angus beef striploin and Norwegian goat cheese.

Ratebeer weighted average:  3.47 out of 5
Beer Advocate:  No Score

Adroit Theory Brewing Company
404 Browning Court, Unit C
Purcellville, Virginia 20132

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