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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tap Handle #559: CB Craft Brewers - Caged Alpha Monkey IPA

Tap size:  11"
Rarity:  Scarce
Mounting:  internal 3/8" nut

Caged Alpha Monkey is a tap that belongs on my cream of the crop list. Featuring incredible detailing centered around a hopped up green ape (just look at that crazy glazed look in its eyes!), it is bursting out of a cage full of hops. The CB brand is prominently featured as a decal on the front, with IPA sculpted as raised letters on the base, and both also appear on the back of the tap, along with the monkey's tail. This has become one of my favorite new taps, and the scarcity makes it almost impossible to find. They were only commissioned by the brewery for a short period of time and very few were made. I've only seen 2 others, and as a result the secondary market price is very, very high.

Click through to read more about CB Craft Brewers, their Caged Alpha Monkey IPA, and to see more photos of this elusive tap...

CB Craft Brewers was originally founded as Custom BrewCrafters in Honeoye Falls, New York in 1997 by Mike Alcorn. A former employee of Kodak, Alcoln was unhappy with the lack of quality craft beer in the area. He left Kodak and decided to open a brewery to brew private label beers for area bars and restaurants. A small tasting room was built to give customers the opportunity to sample the private label brews and take home filled growlers. Within a few years, the overwhelming success of the business allowed Alcorn to brew a few craft beers under their the brand "CB" and sell them to select retail markets and draft accounts in Rochester, New York. After 10 years and the addition of several more CB brand beers, the brewery reached capacity limits. Alcorn was faced with a dilemma to stay in state or move out.

In 2008 CB Craft Brewers went from a 1,500 square foot facility in Honeoye Falls to a 10,000 sq foot building just down the road from their old brewery. Several new tanks and a bottling line were added, allowing the company to further expand their CB brand year-round and seasonal offerings in both bottle and draft. In 2011 CB Craft Brewers opened a brew pub at the brewery called the Pint & Goblet Tavern, serving food and pints of their CB brand and custom beers. In 2012 the brewery added two 60 barrel fermenters which represented a 54% increase in capacity. By 2013 the brewery was back up to full capacity forcing another expansion of two more 60 barrel fermenters along with an enhanced bottling line and spent grain handling system.

Also in 2013 the brewery changed its name to CB Craft Brewers to shift their focus from custom beers to their CB brand. They only distribute their beers within New York State in order to brew small batches and maintain freshness. Their year-round varieties are Caged Alpha Monkey IPA, MacBubba Scotch Ale, Canandaigua Lake Ale and Night Owl Cream Porter. In 2014 production increased by 18%, with Caged Alpha Monkey IPA being their top seller. In 2015 the brewery launched their first new products in more than five years, a session IPA and a double IPA. Their products can be purchased at grocery chains, bars and restaurants throughout New York State. Every year the brewery hosts The Annual Festival of Ales that features CB and private label beers, live entertainment, and a chili cook-off to benefit Mercy Flight, drawing 3000 visitors to Honeoye Falls.
CB Craft Brewers contract brews for a few other breweries, such as Rogers Beer Company, Three Heads Brewing, and the Buffalo Tap Room.

Caged Alpha Monkey is an American IPA with a skillfully layered malt bill that lends a rich orange hue and sturdy backdrop for the pronounced hop forward flavor. A blend of exotic and seductive hops produces a bouquet of tropical fruit and grapefruit-citrus salad. Recommended food pairings are strong flavors such as aged natural cheeses, spicy sushi, and curry.

Ratebeer Weighted average:  3.32 out of 5
Beer Advocate:  82 out of 100 (good)

CB Craft Brewers
300 Village Square Blvd.
Honeoye Falls, New York, USA 14472

Source Material
CB Craft brewers website

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