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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tap Handle #619: Titletown - Sno-Cap Root Beer

Tap size:  11.25"
Rarity:  less than 10 seen
Mounting:  custom blue anodized ferrule

The awesome people at Titletown Brewing have helped bring Clyde the Penguin to the Museum. Titletown makes Sno-Cap Root Beer, and this is the tap that is used for Sno-Cap, which features Clyde at the top. Clyde is the mascot for Titletown's root beer. Named after Grandma Gladys' husband, Clyde, this cheerful penguin represents the cool, fresh, flavor sensation that you will experience when you drink Sno-Cap Root Beer. This tap is so colorful and amazingly detailed that it has instantly become one of my favorites. Clyde, wrapped in a red scarf and holding a mug that presumably contains Sno-Cap Root Beer, stands on a ice-covered barrel that has the name of the root beer prominently displayed on the sign. One of the bands of the barrel says "Made in Green Bay". The barrel sits on a column of ice that appears to have had some airbrushing, which delivers a vivid spectrum of purple, white, and light blue hues. The dark blue metallic ferrule is a beautiful compliment to the purple and light blue colors above it. I've only seen one other Sno-Cap tap beside this one, and it sold for a very expensive price on the secondary market.

For more about Titletown Brewing, see this post.

Click through to read more about Grandma Gladys and Sno-Cap Root Beer, and to see more photos of this cool tap...

In the 1950s and '60s, drive-ins were a popular place in America for people to get burgers, fries, hot dogs, Coke, malts, ice-cream, and other short order foods. Sno-Cap was a popular name for drive-ins; there doesn't seem to have been a national company called Sno-Cap, although there was a popular chocolate candy brand of the same name (which is currently owned by Nestle) that may have contributed to the popularity of the name. Rather, each drive-in appears to have been independently owned and operated. The Sno-Cap root beer that is sold by Titletown Brewing Company was perfected by "Grandma Gladys", who owned the Sno-Cap Drive-In in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Her business was located on Velp Avenue on Green Bay's West Side. Glasses of root beer sold for 5 and 10 cents and gallon jugs could be purchased for 75 cents (with a 10 cent deposit on the bottle).

The founders of Titletown Brewing are the grandchildren of Grandma Gladys. The Sno-Cap Root Beer served in the brewery's restaurant is mixed up fresh daily with the same syrup that Grandma Gladys used (along with some special ingredients). It is sold by the mug, by the growler (a 1/2 gallon jug) or by the bottle, and is available in 4 packs and cases too!

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