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Monday, September 26, 2016

Tap Handle #634: Goliad - Roustabout Stout

Tap size:  11.5"
Rarity:  10 or less seen
Mounting:  3/8" ferrule on 5/16" anchor bolt

This great looking tap comes to the museum courtesy of reader Manny. It is styled after the flintlock pistols used at the Battle of the Alamo and Battle of Goliad in the 1800s. A decal bearing the phrase "Remember Goliad" appears on each side of the pistol's handle; that phrase was the rallying cry during the war of Texas independence from Santa Ana during the Battle of Jacinto. The decals feature the symbol of a Texan banner, which was unfurled December 20, 1835 at the signing of the declaration of independence of Texas from Santa Anna’s regime. These decals appear on the base of the pistol's handle and also on each side of the handle. Under the barrel on each side of the pistol is a place for a beer variety label. I have both Roustabout Stout and Golden Ale, but I have chosen to profile the Roustabout Stout. It's a very nice tap that hasn't been seen much on the secondary market.

Click through to read more about Goliad Brewing, their Roustabout Stout, and to see more photos of this historic tap...

Goliad Brewing Company was founded in Goliad, Texas in 2014 by John Wilkerson. He decided to open the brewery after a few years of discussions with Mark Nichols, a craft beer sales manager who became the brewery's marketing guru. Wilkerson's wife was from Goliad, so he thought it would be great place to build the business. The name of the brewery came from not only the town, but also the Goliad Massacre and the Battle of Goliad during Texas independence from Santa Ana in Mexico. Wilkerson and Nichols worked together to find the right brewmaster for the job and eventually hired Stefan Zurakowski, a former home brewer  and mechanical engineer who had worked his way up to a head brewer position. They  located the brewery on about 50 acres just north of town, where their water was brought up from a well 400 feet below sea level with an excellent mineral content for brewing. The brewery grounds also contained three ponds, an orchard of 60 pecan trees, lots of oak and other great trees, and wildlife.

The building of the brewery included a bottling line and a cooler to house kegs and bottles. Tours and samples were offered soon after opening, and the “biergarten” is an open area right next to the actual brewery with tents and seating areas amidst rustic, gas station decor. Although no food is served at the brewery, food trucks provide service to brewery customers. Their beer is distributed in Houston, Galveston, Victoria, Beeville, and of course Goliad. They produce three signature beers: Goliad Golden Ale, Redfish IPA and Presidio La Bahia Black Hefeweizen, as well as a few seasonals. By 2016 the brewery had increased production by doubling their number of fermentation tanks, due to high demand for their beers, and the brewery plans on expanding even more. Distribution over the entire state of Texas is planned for 2017.

Goliad Roustabout Stout, now known simply as Goliad Stout, is a luxurious sweet stout with the enticing bouquet of malted milk. The body laces the tongue with silky smooth chocolate and vanilla leading into a decadent yet satisfying sweet cream finish. It is a winter seasonal only. Recommended food pairings are barbecue and desserts.

Ratebeer weighted average:  3.09 out of 5
Beer Advocate:  no score

Goliad Brewing Company
252 Metting Road
Goliad, Texas 77963

Source Material
Goliad website

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